Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's Happening Now?

June is Black Music Month!
On June 7, 1979, President Jimmy Carter decreed the month of June as Black Music Month where African American music and artists would be celebrated for their musical contributions that have shaped the world. The power of African American music through the R&B, Soul, and Jazz has been a staple in politics, movements, and events throughout history. Some artists that are well known for shaping American thoughts and culture are Michael Jackson, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Will Smith, and Queen Latifah and the Black Eyed Peas. Find out more about these artists by researching them. You will be sure to love their music and appreciate their creative works.

Summer Academic Enrichment

More than likely, summer break has begun in most of the United States and there are so many things to do for kids to have an enjoyable summer! Last month, Creativekidzplay focused on summer camps as an outlet for summer enrichment and activities. This month, Creativekidzplay wants to focus on strengthening academic achievement as well as recreation.

Two months is a lot of time to lose if kids are not being met with the same demands academically throughout the summer as during the school year. Teacher resources centers are a great place where workbooks can be purchased that reinforce lessons taught during the previous year and introduce lessons that will be taught in the upcoming school year. Check your area to find one near you.

Libraries offer summer reading programs for kids to constantly improve their reading abilities. Participation in summer reading programs can elevate a student’s overall reading level by five months.
Sylvan Learning Centers and Kumon Schools are also supplemental education resources available for students especially during the summer. They provide instruction for all grade levels and will customize their services to fit a child’s need. These resources help to strengthen a student’s educational skills where they may be weak or put those who may have no weaknesses ahead.

Whatever resource a parent chooses, be sure that kids academic achievement is just as much as of a priority as some of the other activities that can make a kids summer fun and complete.

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