Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hanging Number Boxes

CreativeKidzPlay has taken on another arts enrichment program! Kids K - 5 are among the most open and optimistic about creative arts than any other grades that I have worked with. As a facilitator, we usually come with all the ideas about how the class should operate and what the results should look like, but we can learn just as much from our pupils as they learn from us. For example, K - 1 made hanging number boxes with numbers that are important to them. Age, birth date, address, number of siblings, and the prefix of their phone number can mean a lot to a kindergartener and a first grader. And though all of this information made for beautiful boxes, it is amazing how imperfect brush strokes, crooked and upside down placed numbers, and one color of paint clumped on top of another could make some little people so proud of what they produced. As they should be! I love creative kids!!

Photo by: Creativekidzplay

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