Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tips From Creativekidzplay For A Happy And Healthy Summer For Your Kids!

The school year has ended and you have almost 2 months free to spend with your kids, so the big question is, what do you have your children doing this summer? There are so many options now from many kinds of camps, vacations, science programs, to academic enrichment and athletic programs. So many choices, but,  which one is the right one for your child.

I would suggest that you gear his or her activities mainly toward their interests. It certainly doesn't hurt to insert some new activities in just for exposure. They may complain and be resistant, but from a mom's point of view, my children often approach new things with skepticism and end up enjoying and learning new things about themselves.

Our main challenge is television and media. It seems that kid's natural movements in the morning is to want to eat breakfast and watch television, at least in my home. Our goal is to definitely work on getting out of the house and enjoying the outside more. Look into the local section of your newspaper for free events and outdoor activities. You would be surprised at how many free or low cost events that are available for your family during the summer months.

Another important goal is to keep your children reading and preparing them for the next grade level that they will attend in the fall. Just about all cities have education stores that will help strengthen weak skills from the prior year and introduce new skills that they will face in the next.

Just a few suggestions on how to keep your children focused while having fun all at the same time from Creativekidzplay! Enjoy your summer!!

Pics by Paige Lackey Martin for Creativekidzplay

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