Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kid Entrepreneurs

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So I just completed reading an excellent article about grooming children to become entreprenuers called Kid Entrepreneurs - Setting the Envrionment on Raising Them by Bruce Bender The author and I speak the same language about schools and how they do an excellent job in creating efficient and productive workers, but their is not an emphasis on becoming entrepreneurial leaders.

We as parents of course want our children to go as far in life as their little hearts desire, but are we creating an environment to produce that outcome? I would say that if we are not...this article provides a lot of good information that can set our children on a path to being many different kinds of leaders in the world.

Speaking from an the standpoint of an entrepreneur, we have already adopted a lot of the practices mentioned in the article as a part of our everyday lifestyle. What can you do as a parent, friend or relative to encourage young people that becoming an entrepreneur as a kid or an adult is a realistic goal? Creativekidzplay would love to hear from you.


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