Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Children's Book Author, Mona Scott, visits the Creativekidzplay Arts Enrichment Program

If you  have been following the Creativekidzplay Arts Enrichment Program,  you know that our kids have been having a great time creating all kinds of creative arts pieces including fiction stories. Students were introduced to various picture books, where they were asked to pick out the parts of a story. They completed character studies which helped them create their own characters for fiction stories which they worked on throughout the component. Once the stories and illustrations were completed, students created handmade books of their work. The program ended with a blast when author Mona Scott of "Nappy Sunrae Crown" and "Little Micah's Book of Affirmations" visited our class to share her books with us! Thanks Mona Scott and we are looking forward to you visiting other Creativekidzplay creative writing programs in the future.

Find more about Mona Scott and her books  at http://sunraeandfriends.blogspot.com/.


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